Tuesday, July 4

U.S Chavs

. Whilst I was waiting in line for stuff at the theme parks in Florida I amused myself trying to spot the US version of the chav. And I was rewarded with rich pickings, the Latinos, in particular sported lots of vest tops and bling that our local boys would die for big five inch crosses with gold chains thick enough to hold back five frenzied pit bulls. No bare chests though because it’s against the state law for public places in Florida, a lot of folks would like to see that one over here.
It seems to be the practice to have a tattoo on the back of the right shoulder (which was great when I was behind them) always badly drawn and sometimes miss-spelt usually it consisted of their name and someone else's in either a crucifix for the Latinos and something from the occult for others. I hope I’m not being none PC here but why use black ink for a tattoo on black skin I found these hard to read but daren’t put my reading glasses on or they may have taken offence. Never heard any swearing like our local chavs do but then again most seemed to speak Spanish.


Anonymous said...

its the emo kids you gotta look out for, the buggers

wil said...

If you get a chance to get/post a picture, it would be appreciated.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

But whatsaChav?