Thursday, July 6

Easy Stripper

I see another one of our Taxis has been damaged to the tune of £1000 along with other cars in the area. Again the dreaded paint stripper had been used and I wonder when the suppliers of this dangerous chemical cocktail will come to their senses and register the details of the buyers of this stuff voluntarily before they are forced into it by legislation. Apart from the many hundreds of thousands of pound of damage done to cars every year it’s a known fact that this stuff is used as an ingredient in some recipes for home made explosives readily available on the internet. On visiting our local Asda supermarket I was gob smacked to see this lethal stuff on sale actually in an aerosol , just to make it that much easier for our local vandals to use. Great idea eh and all for the bargain price of £5 98p and no proof of age required buy a can and you could be doing thousands of pounds worth of damage in the car park within seconds

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Anonymous said...

well as long as your 16/18 ( its illagal to sell aerosol to anyone under 16 in the uk and 18 in some states in the us)