Sunday, July 2

Latest Crazes

The latest craze with the kid are trainers with wheels which click out of the heels, youngsters were just gliding past as if they were floating on air and as my daughter says they are cool I think maybe they will be big over here for this next Christmas. They are called Heelys and believe it or not one of the biggest suppliers in Europe is right here in Barrow Kate’s Skates of Dalkeith St.
Texting never did catch on the US probably because they don’t get ripped off to the same extent with call charges, what a lot of younger people seem to be using on their mobiles is a system that has just become available over here it’s called PTT. The idea is that your phone acts just like a walkie talkie you select who you want to talk to from a list press a button and that’s it no dialling or waiting connected in under a second, after that its just press to talk and no need to hold your phone to your ear the speaker chirps up when the other person talks. I would use that myself as I am useless at text slang I need a dictionary of textspeak to decipher any texts I get, and as for sending them for me it’s quicker to use voice.

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Anonymous said...

actually the latest crazes are:

-skinny jeans
-alice bands
-x-box 360

heelys have been out for ages