Sunday, July 30


I picked up an old German lady today and a good old stick she is too we were cracking away as we drove along. I was about to turn off down a street when she said “no de judderbutts” this had me baffled for a minute or two and then I remembered that this street had lots of large speed humps on it. I laughed when I realised that this is what she meant. Judderbutts what a great word it describes speed bumps perfectly, go on just say it a few times, isn’t it a great word. Watch out for those judderbutts!


Peggy said...

Great word! I can't wait to use it!

wil said...

Great word.

Can you give us the correct pronunciation?

TUFFENUF said...

"jutter" - to shake; "butts" - our asses! jutterbutt makes perfect sense, what a great word!