Monday, July 31


I took a Spanish lady down to the Conishead Priory today, she was telling me that she had travelled over from Madrid and that she was attending the big Buddhist festival that is being held down there. When we entered the priory it was like an instant town had sprung up with mobile loos and a huge camp site, apparently up to three thousand people are attending this festival at the Manjushri Centre. I don’t think people in Barrow realise just what a world centre for Buddhism this is complete with the Kadampa world peace centre and the huge events held right on our doorstep with people visiting from all over the world spending money on hotels and food mainly in Ulverston. Maybe we should be promoting the area to them whilst they are here with free transport into Barrow and tours of the area and lots of multilingual flyers.

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Bob, this is a good One!!
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