Saturday, July 29

Goth Game

We had our first bit of rain in what seems like weeks today, this soon cleared the streets and kept us busy. Being a Saturday afternoon the usual flock of Goths were moping in the town square in front of the forum. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went past when the rain was at its heaviest there was a gaggle of Goths playing football, now for a group of people who abhor any form of physical activity this seemed really strange (breathing usually stresses them too much) I even thought I saw one smile. But when I passed later after the rain had stopped things were back to normal they were back in the shadows hiding from the light and looking suitably suicidal again.


TUFFENUF said...

HA - I like your description, "gaggle of goths"! Funny, we have them in Florida too. "Suitably suicidal" as well!

CharterJames said...

Love the image.

If a collection of Goths (and geese) is a gaggle,

What is a collection of owls?

bob said...

Charterjames what is a collection of owls then? added you to my blogroll would have done sooner but I like to be choosy and only add good and often updated blogs and so I wait a while. where does the title come from sounds like somebodys name from the English diplomatic corps.