Thursday, April 20

Vacancy for King

The king of Piel Island Rod Scarr has abdicated leaving a vacancy to be filled interested? The vacancy is actually as landlord and tenant of the islands only pub the Ship Inn, the pub has been long neglected by its guardians the local council. The landlord of the Ship Inn is traditionally known as the “King of Piel”. The title comes from the time of Lambert Simnel when he declared himself king. This tradition has also given rise to the “Knights of Piel”. In the Ship Inn is an old oaken chair and anyone who sits in it becomes a “Knight of Piel”. The “Knighthood” ceremony must be performed by the “King” or another “Knight”. The new Knight must then carry out his duties which include buying everyone a drink, being a moderate smoker, an ardent lover of the opposite sex and of good character. One of the rights of a “Knight” is if he finds himself shipwrecked on Piel he may go to the Inn and demand a night’s free lodging and as much as he can eat and drink. The haunting remains of Piel still hold a fascination for many people who see the island floating in the distance. It retains its sense of remoteness although it is just half a mile by sea from Roa Island and can be reached by ferry or by tractor when the tide is out. The twenty acre island comes complete with it own ruined 14th century castle, six cottages which are only occupied in summer months and a marsh pond full of local wildlife.


wil said...

Wouldn't that be a "kick".

His Highness, King Wil

Naw, just doesn't "ring" right.

bob said...

suits you sire

wil said...

King William had a nice feel but I wouldn't want to trespass on Prince William's future title.

BTW - Whoever his press manager is does a great job. Everybody over here are facinated with him.

Seems like a really nice kid.

bob said...

We don't seem to get the same stuff over here more of negative thing the press have with royalty

Mark said...

i don't think you'll get much work as a taxi driver on that island!