Thursday, April 20

Mobile Makeup

It always amuses me the way that some people really make themselves comfortable when they get into the taxi. Even though they may be in the cab for only a short time I see people adjusting the seats and wriggling about like a tired dog about to get settled. Women seem to be the worst some really make themselves at home, they start putting makeup on and brushing their hair using the vanity mirror and on one occasion a woman even took out a can of highly scented deodorant lifted up her jumper and sprayed her armpits. I have been asked to slow down and avoid bumps whilst they carefully apply their lipstick and eye makeup.  But you know how it is, sometimes the temptation is just too great and I have to brake and swerve to avoid the odd imaginary cat or two on the road. 
You would think that with all this preparation that they would want to show off their good looks, but I have found that a lot will ask to be dropped round the corner from a pub or restaurant so they can slip in unnoticed.


freddybeach cabby said...

I've had women come running out to the cab carrying a pair of pantyhose and put those on in the cab while enroute!I've also had a guy get in the cab, turn up the radio, turn down the dispatcher, and put his feet up on the dash! He changed his attitude after I told him to get the f**k out!

Joann said...

I hate the people that get their feet up on anything. What brothers me the most is when they leave trash behind that I do not notice.