Friday, April 28

No Grow

I was talking to a lady the other day and she was saying that she was beginning to suspect that she had been ripped off. It seems she had sent for a course of pills that would firm and enlarge her boobs. This had cost her over a hundred pounds for a three month course, but reading the ingredients it seems they contain nothing more than herbal extracts. Even more of a give away was that when she checked on the internet nobody had a good word to say about these so called miracle pills. She had decided that as she had already paid for them that she should take the three month course and see what developed. But I pointed out to her” what if they do work ,but only on one boob at a time” you may be left with one going north and one south never mind one larger than the other”.” Well I would send for some more then” she said, maybe I said but that may be the catch they will probably charge ten times as much for the second dose.

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wil said...

"...and see what developed."

Nice pun. :)