Saturday, April 29

Bar Divers

I have picked at least three people up in the last two weeks who have had quite serious leg injuries. All of them after a bit of coaxing come out with a similar story, and all the tales of calamity have a link they were all injured falling off bar stools in the same nightclub(I won't say which one but it floats). It seems that while they had relaxed on these tall stools and enjoyed a few drinks they had slipped there feet inside the high footrests. Unfortunately they had forgotten about this when they went to stand up and ended up flat on the floor with snapped ligaments etc. There may be more people out there who have suffered the same fate but are too embarrassed to say. I mean falling of a barstool doesn't give you a lot of street cred maybe they tell people they were injured skiing, skydiving or something else with a bit more kudos.


wil said...


That one is an international ailment.

Liz said...

The "leg injuries" story was such a laugh. I can just see them!