Wednesday, April 12

Easter Custom

It seems that the old custom of displaying Easter eggs in the window is dying out. On my travels I have not seen any houses with a decent display. A few years back most houses with children used to have eggs in the window, daft place really the chocolate used to melt but as I found out recently it was not as I thought to make the other kids jealous but has its roots in earlier customs. I had picked an elderly lady up and she explained to me that in earlier times before the chocolate egg they had Pasch or past eggs, which were hard boiled eggs which where dyed and painted. Before they were rolled down a hill in the traditional Easter Sunday pastime of past egging they were displayed in the front window. She also told me that empty pace-egg shells must be crushed as it was believed that witches used them as boats (mad eh). I did see one house with an Easter wreath on the front door which I have never seen round here before, wonder where that idea originates from.

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Joann said...

It is sad to see traditions vanish.