Tuesday, April 11

Red Light

It seems that we are to have a major facelift at one of our busiest road junctions the traffic lights at Rawlinson St and Holker St. What this means to me is that some overpaid bod from Carlisle in a green reflective jacket carrying a clipboard will come along and make it into another disaster just like the next junction up the White House lights which has been "improved". Anymore "improvements like this and Abbey Rd will end up as a no go area for motorists.


Joann said...

Ah yes, the improvements that aren't.

wil said...

Bob, I was checking out a problem in how my blog is rendered via IE.

Were you aware that you blog is also dysfunctional on IE?

NY hack shows ok as does Meatareada's & Joann's.

I am trying to find the cause. If you find the solution, please advise me.