Friday, March 3

Sunny Snow

I never cease to be amazed by how much the weather round here can be so different in areas just couple of miles apart. I set of from Barrow this morning in bright sunshine, three miles up the road in Dalton the school kids are having a snowball fight on the main St. Then upon arriving in Askam only two miles further there is a virtual blizzard with traffic sliding all over the road. Back in Barrow fifteen minutes later and its back to the sunshine.


NYC Taxi Shots said...

yo brother sure you can use that photo its the only cab in nyc like that i know the owner if parts weren t so hard to get we would all have them the only other place i would drive a taxi besides nyc is in london cheers

Dogbait said...

I was talking to friend from Chesterfield on the phone the other day and she said the whole of Derbyshire was covered in snow except Chesterfield!