Saturday, March 4

New York

This is from New York Taxi Shots, I didn’t know they had any London style cabs over there but this proves it. Our friend from N, Y, T, Shots says that they like the cab and would like more but that they can’t get parts for them.


wil said...


I wonder if the steering is left or right? With all the one-way streets in Manhattan, I guess it wouldn't really make a difference.

Mark said...

we've got them in singapore too!

it feels really funny when i get into one. almost like i should be asking to go to kings cross or something.

hmm. i better go and take some pictures for my blog now.

Gene said...

I am a NYC cabbie and I can tell you that the steering wheel of that cab was on the left side. On a couple of occasions I passed this cab on the street with an English passenger in my own taxi. There would be this moment of reality checking. However, it is now off the road, I believe, as I haven't seen it for many months. Too bad, it was a great conversation starter.