Saturday, March 4

Phone Home

Had a guy in the cab this morning and we were talking away when his phone rings, he answers and says to me” it’s the wife” and put his finger to his mouth and says “shhh” He then says to his wife “yes I am just going through Salford now love I wont be able to make it back home until tomorrow “Salford is about a hundred miles down the road from us and I thought at first he must be a bit mixed up. But he then started to describe things we were supposed to be passing such as Strangeways and Boddingtons and even told her that he would call at one of the Asian sweet shops on Cheetham Hill and get something for her. When he hung up I looked at him but he said nothing about it just shrugged and carried on with the previous conversation. Just shows you though with mobile phones you could be anywhere who’s to know.

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