Wednesday, March 22

No Trainers

Billy boy another cabbie on our firm who works the evening shifts told me of a job he did from Barrows floating night club Princess Selandia. He picked a guy up who had been refused admission because he was wearing trainers. He was asked to take the lad home and wait while he changed his footwear then bring him back to the boat. The guy actually asked if he could hire or buy Bills shoes instead as this would have saved him a six mile trip. I can’t believe how they can justify this silly ban on trainers in this day and age, some one tell them we have moved on since the eighties. They say that they are trying to attract coach parties from out of town, so then what happens when some poor guy travels hundred of miles only to be turned away at the quayside ,come on guys drop this stupid ban.


wil said...

Is "trainers" the local idiom for sports footwear?

Even though we basically speak the same language, there are areas of confusion. :)

bob said...

Yes you may call them sneakers the yonng uns tend to wear the big brands Nike Adidas Raebok etc