Wednesday, March 22


I have noticed some of the local taxi drivers wearing Bluetooth headsets lately what’s that all about I wonder. I mean guys its not as if you are going to be getting loads of important calls, maybe the wife telling you your teas ready but that’s about it. So why wear them all the time some actually walk into the office wearing them much to everyone’s amusement. Maybe they watch too many science fiction movies and like to pretend to be astronauts. Well this is earth calling guys and telling you that you look right lemons. What topped it for me was I saw a guy coming from Walney with a large Bluetooth in one ear and actually holding a mobile phone to the other ear.


wil said...

I hate using a "blue-tooth". Just another radio repeater thrown into the process of communication.

I do use, and wear, a "wired" handsfree headset while driving. Just safer.


Because when I drop off a guest somewhere I want that return run and I have them call me directly rather than going through the "dispatch." Some of the drivers tend to "cherry pick" the good runs when they are also dispatching. Sad, but true.

Dogbait said...

Opps, guilty. I just bought one cheap at the local swap meet and was trying it out as I walked back to my car. I'd rung TP and was chatting away and a lady was giving me a strange look. No wonder as she couldn't see the headset and the mobile was in my pocket! Must have thought I was ready for the loony house.

bob said...

hey guys don't take this piece too seriously this piece among others was mainly meant for the local paper. they lift quite a bit of my blog for a weekly piece called funnily enougth Taxi Tales. thats why you will see a fair bit of local stuff on here

wil said...

That's kewl Bob. :)

I like all the local stuff, that why I read your blog.

I can get all the national UK news from the Fleet Street rags and wags.

This local color is what I really enjoy. I learn more about the world that way.