Saturday, February 4


This morning a lady I picked up had obviously been badly beaten she was covered with dried blood and badly bruised. I said” where to the hospital or the police station?” No she said and then broke down in tears I asked who did this to you and she told me it was her boyfriend, I then tried to talk her into going to the police but she said no because he had just gotten out of jail on licence and if she reported him he would have to go back for two years. She showed me what this animal had done to her, she had strangulation marks on her neck, a black eye, deep bite marks, bruises on her ribs where he had kicked her, and cuts all over her arms made with a knife. I was sickened,” what brought this on” I asked knowing full well that nothing could excuse what this animal had done. She told me he had taken up bodybuilding and was using steroids and that this may have brought it on. I told her never mind the two years jail this animal deserves ten or more but she would not change her mind, she said she would have a shower and then maybe go to hospital later that day. I felt helpless but what can you do if she won’t make a complaint to the police herself they can do nothing about it. I just hope he rots in hell!

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Bill said...

I agree with you Bob and I`ve talked to similar people in similar situations and its usually the same old excuse that it wont happen again but I think that maybe they are scared to leave them or report them for fear of repurcussions.