Sunday, February 5


Why do lasses go out on the town in boots or shoes that are so obviously uncomfortable. On Sunday mornings I always pick up lots of them carrying the previous night’s footwear. This morning I picked up three in a row all carrying high boots with big heels, if they hurt why wear them? Still that’s women for you. Reminds me of a Sunday a while back when I picked up a lass going to one of the villages about six or seven miles away from Barrow she had been out all night and was still pretty drunk. Still in a good mood she was talking away about her night and things that had happened and all the while she was emphasising points by waving her arms about. After about three miles she was still in full flow when suddenly she stopped and quickly put her hands down and went bright red. That was when I knew she had realised she had her knickers in her hand and had been waving them about for the last ten minutes. She slipped them into her pocket and didn’t say much after that; they were red by the way!

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