Thursday, July 28

Muck Magnet

As I pulled up outside an address to pick up a fare today I noticed a big black dirty oil patch outside and so I parked just past it to save my fare walking through it and messing the car up. The fare turns out to be a harassed mum and her three young kids, the two older boys got in the car and told me that they were going to a party meanwhile the girl of about two ran around and danced in excitement outside. Then, of course, the muck magnet which is built into every kid kicks in and she goes head over heels into the oil, she is covered from head to toe and all over her party clothes. And so the harassed mum finds a clean bit, picks her up and takes her in to wash and change.
Ten minutes later she runs out dancing and giggling and whilst harassed mum is locking her door she tumbles straight into the oil patch again if it wasn’t for the little girls tears and cries of” mum, mum” I would have laughed. Harassed mum decided enough was enough and just wiped her down and said she’d have to go as she was.
I guess that she never did a good job of the clean up judging by the perfect black child’s footprint on the less than perfect butt of my next lady passengers white jeans, I almost felt guilty but it was the last job and so I went home laughing.


Kapil Mehta said...
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Kapil Mehta said...
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Kapil Mehta said...
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Suraj Singh said...

I had a similar incident wihen I took a family to a party and when they got out one of the children decided it would be a good idea to jump in a muddy puddle in his smart suit. As the mother went toward him to move get him out of the puddle mud splashed on her clothes. Needless to say she was not impressed, unfortunately I had another job so had to leave before a got to see how she dealt with going into a party with mud on her clothes.

Jenna Catlin said...

This happen much more often then you would like. But you sure do laugh a lot.
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Patricia Carter said...

Oh.... the miserable moms. They can try their best but kids are kids.
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