Wednesday, May 7

Uber Madness

Lord help us if this madness spreads over here to the North of England. 
This would lead to part time amateurs cherry picking the trade and leaving the established taxi trade starved of trade. Utter madness and a licence for sex offenders to do what they want. 


Devon Driver said...

I kicked off about this on Reddit, but had to backpedal everything I said.

Uber actually holds a PHV O License in London, and all the drivers are PHV license holders.

This is just Taxis vs Minicabs v2.0

I don't subscribe to the anti-minicab animosity, and I didn't think it existed outside of London.

Bob Mullen said...

Devon Driver yes that's right but Uber have been introducing Uber x which they call a car sharing scheme. This means unplated cars no PH or Hackney badge or full for hire insurance. This is the big danger that lurks out there ready to screw us all over! said...

These companies are more than just an app. They are taxi companies. As such, they should be held to the same regulatory and safety standards as the rest of us in the taxi industry.

Taylor S said...

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