Wednesday, December 28

Walney Mosque

I had picked up from a local supermarket; my fare was a middle aged woman who started to whinge about everything and anything from the very moment she got into the taxi.
She was going to Walney island and on the way started to whinge about problems she had about the island, after a moan about the wind which is always prevalent over there she started on the subject of new folks moving on to the island. "The bloody p***i's are taking over the place" she moaned, "They are even taking over the bloody pubs," she cried.
She explained what she meant in a long racist rant which boiled down to that some Asians had taken on a local island pub the King Alfred and turned part of it into an Indian restaurant and renaming it the Mr Elephant, and then they had gone on to take over the George Hotel another island pub which has long been in decline.
Driving along Walneys promenade, she looked up towards what was a long abandoned church which has now been demolished apart from its bell tower and was covered by scaffolding.
“What are they doing there?” she asked pointing at the tower.
Instantly my evil alter ego kicked in and keeping a straight face, I lied to her that it was going to be the new mosque for all the muslins moving onto Walney.
Egged on by the look of sheer outrage on her face I went on to say that they had left the bell tower intact to convert to a minaret so that the call to prayer could be heard all over the island.
She was still muttering and plotting petitions and letters to her MP when I dropped her off ten minutes later.
I keep laughing about it every time I drive past the pretend mosque several times a day; hope she doesn’t remember me next time I pick her up eh!


Henry Krinkle said...

Some people are so out of touch. Do you know how to desaturate your photos? Pics like that look amazing in black and white.

Hope all is well - Henry

Bob Mullen said...

Hi Henry I have had a play about and the above is now black and white with the infared filter. Any better?

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, I like it, made me chuckle. Bob

Pensacola Beach Shuttle said...

Absolutely hilarious! Wish I could think them up that quick.

Travel_Junkie said...

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Adam will said...

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Andrew heckit said...

Like it! The more we can belittle the tiny minded racists of ALL creeds and colours the better. if half of the local whingers had a little bit more of the oomph that these alternative etnic entrepreneurs show, this country wouldn't be half the basket case iot is now! Up here in Carlisle the council still seems to be fannying on and blocking development of the airport. At least they ain';t exactly grasping the opportunity! Mind you it makes our airport taxi fares a bit more substantial; having to trek to Newcastle, Glasgow and Manchester regularly ;-)

Anonymous said...

The women was right though ....if you look at the major cities of the UK where ethnic minorities are the crime rate is rife. Wasn't so long ago a group of them was foiund to be sex trafficking little girls aged around 7. The do-gooders need to wake up and realise the majority of these ethnic people are not here on good terms - we are a soft touch and a target for free benefits for them.

I'm not racist myself, but you have to push aside the "he's a rascist!" crap and look at the facts!

Apart from the 1 in Norway how many Christian or white suicide bombers do you hear of?

Answers on a postcard please!

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