Tuesday, August 25

RESPECT...... Wots that?

Is it just me or every cabbie that this happens to. Why does a mother get in the back of the car with a young child around 2 or 3 years old and allow the child to put their dirty shoes on the seats and allow them to put their grubby little hands everywhere making marks on the furnishings.

I will not drive off until a child has a seatbelt on as its a safety issue and its the law so the mother puts the seatbelt on the child only after I had told her too and within travelling about 500 yards the child had undone the belt and was trying to stand up on the seat putting his sticky hands all over my window whilst the mother didnt do a thing. I stopped the car and told him to get his feet off the seats and get his belt back on. He looked at me and quietly did as I told him but I shouldnt have to do this.

Its not my job to tell mothers to make sure their kids behave and then she had the cheek to ask me why I shouted at him to sit down to which I replied to her. "You weren't gonna do anything so I had to". She said that he wasn't doing any harm and was just inquisitive. She obviously didn't care what her little darling was doing in the taxi and didn't seem to mind that he was stood up on the seat with his moody shoes.

Maybe its the usual attitude of "Its not my property so I don`t care "

How would she like it if my previous passenger had done the same and then I went to pick her up. Would she sit in the same seat with dirt all over it.

Have respect for other peoples property. Its not too much to ask...


Keith said...

I was in town on Monday and saw a toddler run out into a busy road, mother too fat from an overdose of cheeseburgers to catch it. Of course had it been splattered by a bus, she'd just breed another, that's the chav way you know !

Risedale Fly said...

I've read all the way down to August 10th. Man, have you got a sense of humour (which is probably just as well). I wish I had your sense of calm too :-)!
Anyway, the blog is brilliant and I'll be checking back - count on it.

Risedale Fly said...

Oh - I forgot to say that I agree 100% with the lack of respect thing.