Wednesday, August 12

Calm Down

Last weekend Bob (The owner of this blog) was parked up on Holker Street in Barrow when he witnessed an altercation between a man and his wife. I`m not sure of the circumstances but Bob was telling me over the radio what was going on and I could hear it in the background and mid sentence Bob went quiet and I couldn't raise him on the radio.

This got alarm bells going in my head and so I raced off to Bobs location to check he was OK. Bob was fine. I got there after it had all calmed down. it turned out that there was a bit of trouble and Bob had politely told the guy to calm down a bit but then the guy got aggressive with Bob.

It wasn't even Bobs problem. he was an innocent by-stander who just tried to calm the situation.

Whats the world coming to when aggressive cretins like this have a go at innocent people for no reason at all.

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Anonymous said...

personally i think its best to stay out of everything these days.

not saying bobs in the wrong because id probly do the same

but if i was also having an argument with somebody man or woman and someone stuck their oar in id have a go at them to its not their argument
i can see both sides