Wednesday, April 1

Locked in

Having being sent to an address this week with another driver to pick up a fare we realised it was a 2 car booking as there was 8 people. That's easy said one person. 4 people in each car.

Not a problem, so the first car sets off with four people in and I set off with only 3 people in not thinking anything of it. We got about half a mile down the road when one young lady piped up saying that there was a spare seat in the car and that we had left someone behind.

I turned the car around and set off back to the house where I picked up from only to find the girl in the back saying. "Oh gawd! I`ve locked her in the house." She had not realised she had come out and locked up with someone still in the house

1 comment:

John said...

Well its better than being locked into one of those damned private estates.