Thursday, April 2

Late for a night out

Picked up 3 girls who were all dolled up ready for a girly night out on the town and as I set off into town the girl sat in the front seat pulled down the sun visor so she could use the mirror to apply some lipstick.

It was at this point that I couldnt help but go on and off the brake pedal ever so slightly and watch her miss her mouse and get it all over her face.

Cruel or what!!!!. And whilst i`m on the subject. Why do they call it lipstick. It doesnt stick their lips together. Pity!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she missed her mouse.

bigbikerbob said...

Naughty boy, as far as lipstick is concerned it doesnt stick on their lips either, it ends up on cheeks, mouths, collars etc.

Bill said...

Did I say Mouse. Hmm slip of the keyboard. I think I meant MOUTH.

Peggy said...

I hope I never have to apply lipstick in a cab - I won't trust them now! ;-)