Thursday, April 23

Hair raising

Quite often when the computers in our cabs give us a job to do we will find that the persons name is spelt wrong usually due to the operator mis-hearing the customer or a case of bad spelling and so this week I got a job at a local hostelry to pick up someone by the name of "No hair".

I pulled up outside the pub and waited a moment when a guy asked me if the name was O'Hare. I quickly figured out that this was the correct fare and as he got in the car I couldn't help but notice he was totally bald. I rather quickly moved my data screen out of his view in case he thought someone was taking the mick out of him.

I`ve had some strange names come up on that screen in the past and some strange spellings. One that could have been embarrassing was the name MUFF. Turns out it should have been Murph.

Anyone else had any strange names????

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John said...

There was a Mr Schmit from Germany, he had his name spelled Shit by the bank. He asked twice for it to be changed, twice, which they failed to do.
He changed banks and sued, got a good slice of money.
Judge agreed that being asked once was enough. He showed the letter to the judge "Dear Mr Shit, we appolagize for the error made on your account etc....