Saturday, July 5

Wrong Footed

Whoops! Looks like I’ve' gone and put my big foot in it yet again. When I went to pickup from a local supermarket the fare turned out to be a couple, and the man happened to have a wheelchair. They both got quickly into the car, out of the rain, him into the front seat and her into the rear and I got on with loading the wheelchair into the boot.
 As I did so I noticed something wrong and thought I would be helpful and tell the couple. "One of the wheelchair footrests is missing" I shouted through the open driver’s door. No response and so I shouted it again this time louder. Absolutely no response, they both stared straight ahead and seemed to blank me out. "Oh well some folk just don't want to be helped" I thought as I got in to drive away.
 I was just thinking that this would be one of those awkward silent journeys when the guy in the front started to chat about the awful weather. It was when I turned to look at him that I noticed that he was lacking one of his legs.
 Doh! That’s why the wheelchair only had one footrest; me and my big mouth eh!

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