Monday, June 30

Revenue Raiser

I’m quite surprised that our local council here in Barrow haven’t cottoned on to the crafty idea that the London borough of Barnet has introduced. They have made it a bye-law that any car owner who advertises their car for sale in a public parking place is fined £100.
After all we must have hundreds of cars for sale littering certain roads in Barrow, what a money-spinner that would be at £100 a time.
I can see both sides of the argument, “for” being the fact that the vast majority of the cars offered for sale are actually owned by fly by night dodgy car dealers, and folk lose their parking spaces when these cars are dumped for days on end outside their doors. “Against” is the for sale sign in a car window any different than sign writing on a van, driving instructors car or even a taxi come to think of it?
Barnet council say the rule was introduced to keep parking space free for residents. A spokesman said: 'New parking contravention codes were introduced on April 4, 2007. 'A new code was introduced with the description of "using a vehicle in a parking place in connection with the sale or offering for sale or exposing for sale the goods when prohibited".


Anonymous said...

I am constantly amazed by the number of roadside vehicles offered for sale in Barrow. Greengate street and Roose road seem to be particularly bad. I can't believe that anyone would actually consider buying one of these vehicles, they could be a death trap and i'm not sure you would have any come back on the seller.

Bob said...

anon:Yes Abbey road by the Strawberry and Holker St are two more hot spots. A lot seem to have similar signs but with different phone numbers. I believe the trick the dealers use, is lots of cheap pay as you go untraceable mobile phones.

roy said...

It's been made illegal here too