Monday, July 7

Phoney Nee-Naw

Over the last few weekends it seems that we have had a lot more blaring sirens and blue flashing lights than usual.
 Has a crazy fire bug been at work or have Barrovians turned into clumsy klutzes constantly injuring themselves? 
 Nope I don’t so, especially not since I saw that the vans being driven at breakneck speed through the busy streets of Barrow aren't actually bona-fide emergency vehicles.
 But still the laughing drivers seemed to be having the time of their life’s charging through red lights and ignoring all the normal rules of the road. From what I have since been told, it seems that Barrow’s streets are being used as some sort of training ground for would be emergency services drivers.
 We all know that these guys have to practice to gain the necessary skills but a little advance warning would have been nice. After watching the way some drivers react when they hear a siren coming up from behind them it could end up needing the real emergency services, to deal with the heart attacks caused.


Paradise Driver said...

Here all EVO (Emergency Vehicle Operation) training is done on closed courses. The liability risk is too high to do on public streets.

Lucky said...

wow, yeah as far as i know, the driving here doesn't have any training aside from driver license, but maybe i'm wrong. not to say, their bad, the EMT's here are very good at their job, well, at least the driving part.

Keith said...

No one's on a training course here, but where I live on a main road, I am disturbed by sirens about 10 times a day and at all hours of the day and night. Peace and quiet, what's that ?

Bob said...

Mmm, just found out that the training course was for BAE the big local shipbuilding outfit. Didn't think that would have been allowed on open roads.