Thursday, July 10

Granny Wars

Two grandmothers on mobility scooters had to be dragged apart after getting into a fight where they were "ramming each other like dodgems" in a supermarket.

The women were separated after they started trading blows in front of shoppers in an aisle of the Iceland store in Crawley, West Sussex.
They were prized apart after staff heard screams.
A store worker said: "It was shocking.
"Seeing these two old ladies going for each other like that was truly disturbing."
The shelf-stacker, who did not wish to be named, added: "They could have been seriously hurt - they were ramming each other like dodgems."
Cops were called to the scene after the warring pensioners - who were pals - fell out over money.
They arrested one of the pensioners, who has not been named, on suspicion of assaulting the other 78- year-old woman who suffered an injury to her arm. She was later taken to hospital.
The grand-daughter of one of them said: "The two of them met some months ago and this lady was always at grandma's house.
"They became really friendly but fell out massively over money."
It is not yet known whether charges will be brought.
It is not the first time mobility scooters have been used dangerously.
In Rugby, Warwickshire, the policy introduced a speeding clampdown on mobility scooters, which can reach a top speed of 8mph, after a series of collisions and near misses in the town centre.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be more mobility scooters,in Barrow, at the moment than ever before. I think they are a marvellous invention if you have trouble getting around, but there is no doubt in my mind that they can be a menace too. There has been a few times when i have literally had to jump out of the way of one storming down Dalton road! Never mind they only have a top speed of 8 miles per hour it would feel like 80 if one rammed into the back of your legs!! I also don't agree with people riding them on a road unless there is no pavement at all.

Deryk said...

Old people, you can't beat 'em.

Pity, really! :)

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Just popped in from I dont know were.
I live in a country town not far from nursing home and retirement footpaths so they use the road on there scooters but i must say we have wide streets most of them keep over so you can get past. Well I say least the oldies can still get out and one day it might be us using one of those scooters.

Bob said...

anon: Aye there sure is a surplus of the things. A lot of folks hire them from the mobility place, back of Dalton Rd.

Bob said...

Deryk: Now then that would be cruel;but in some rare cases justifiable.

Bob said...

Jeanette:When we do can I race you round the block?