Tuesday, July 15

Electric Taxi

The first electric powered taxi has been launched by Glasgow based Allied Vehicles which builds thousands of taxis each year, the new E7 taxi.

The electric taxi will be available from October 2008 and is the result of three years research and development by Allied, which is already looking for local authority partners to install recharging networks locally to help drive down urban emissions.

However, a recent snub by Transport for London’s taxi licensing division, the Public Carriage Office, means the UK’s first zero emission taxi will not be appearing on the capital’s streets anytime soon.

The E7 is powered entirely by cutting edge Lithium-ion batteries. These give the electric E7 a range of up to 100 miles from a single charge and a top speed of 60mph.

Producing no carbon, particulates or other pollutant emissions, the E7 is eligible for a 100% discount from vehicle excise duty, as well as lower daily running costs.

With rising fuel prices an increasing problem for taxi drivers, the electric E7 is cheaper to run than a traditional black cab. Allied’s confidence in the technology is underlined with batteries featuring a six-year warranty and the base vehicle boasting a two-year unlimited mileage Peugeot warranty.

The electric E7 also provides full wheelchair access. Thanks to its large rear-passenger area wheelchair users can enter the vehicle more easily and be turned into the correct position for travel, before being secured safely with high-quality wheelchair restraints and passenger seat belts.

“We’ve had a positive response to electric vehicles from many local authorities, both in the UK and in Europe. However it’s a shame that London looks set to miss out, especially since its famous taxi fleet is currently responsible for 4% of all emissions in the capital,” he added.

The E7 will cost £39,450. To put this into perspective, a London style black taxi based on a TX4 silver automatic is in the region of £35,455 on the road.
Sounds OK until you look at the mileage between recharges, myself and most drivers I know do a lot more then a measly 100 miles in a day. Plus in reality the top speed of 60MPH would feel like you were going backwards on the motorway. Nope come back when they can do 250miles and 80MPH and then maybe there would be some interest.


Lucky said...

agreed, sometimes advancing technology before it's ready, brings public awareness a few steps backwards. supposedly nyc had a lithium ion taxi in 2007 and it was a complete failure, i never even saw it. it didn't even manage a full day.

Anonymous said...

ive already been in 2 electric black cabs in london in the last 2 weeks
me thinks their info is wrong a bit

Anonymous said...

sounds like someone is at least on the right track.

Bob said...

anon:Wre you sure they weren't hybrids. The new TX4 black cab isn't supposed to be out yet.

Anonymous said...

It's a great development and I'm all for it but it's not entirely without environmental costs. Lithium is difficult to isolate and the process is energy-intensive.

Bob said...

enitharmon:The technology itself is ideal for domestic use but has a long way to go to be of any use in the taxi trade.

Anonymous said...

hi bob i can confirm the tx4 black cab has been going since its launch in october 2006 link here http://www.lti.co.uk/news/drivers-rush-to-buy-new-tx4-cab/

dont know what the make of the 2 electric ones i were in are called but there deffinatly NOT tx4's

thomasthetaxi said...

Have you heard that you have to rent the battery for £480 a month?
they cant let you get away!

thomasthetaxi said...

with no fuel tax

Bob said...

thomasthetaxi:aye just read about that.OH I will stick you a link on.

Anonymous said...

"Producing no carbon, particulates or other pollutant emissions" - are you including the power station in that calculation?

javieth said...

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