Sunday, June 8

Barrow's Closed

Well this years Barrow’s Maritime Festival certainly made it a very busy weekend. Lots of sailors were out and about looking for a good time, and looking at the state of some that I picked up early on Sunday morning they certainly seemed to find one. One jolly tar had his weekends shannanagins interrupted by the arrival of his girlfriend who had travelled up to surprise him with a romantic nights stay together in a local hotel. Very romantic, but looking at his face when I drove them to the hotel I got the impression that maybe he had been looking forward to a wild night out on the town with the lads.
We seemed to have hundreds of visitors from out of town which was great for the town. On the Sunday lots of folk took a stroll in the sunshine round Barrow town centre whist they were here. I watched hordes of them wonder up and down Dalton Rd, just itching to lighten their bulging purses and wallets. But hardly a shop or cafe was open for them, WHY? The town centre businesses complain loudly about lack of trade, and yet when they are given a golden opportunity to make big bucks they take the day off. Come on guys get your act together for next time please!


Peggy said...

The sailor would have rather gone out with his mates than be in a hotel with his best girl? Either he's really not that into her OR sailors have changed!

Bob said...

peggy: Maybe he had been out the night before and had a better offer!