Saturday, May 24

A to Z

These days it seems that everyone that I pickup from local supermarkets is complaining about the increasing price of food. Combined with huge price hikes in gas and electric bills, Barrow folk are really starting to feel the pinch now, and believe me they are really grousing about it, I know, I get the same old story all day. But then again it's all part of the job, if folk can have a good old moan and groan to the taxi driver they always feel better at the end of the ride. But lately I have had quite a few folk, old dears especially, bending my ear about the local paper, who have moved the births and deaths columns from the first page to page ten. It seems that they just don't like to see things change. But I had to laugh at some of the things they say such as. "I only buy the paper to see who's dead, now I will have to read it all to find the deaths “or "it's been on the inside page ever since I can remember, why change it now." But the best was from the old lass who said in all seriousness “I wouldn't like to see my obituary on page ten.” Trying hard to stifle my amusement I come back with “isn’t it strange how they all seem to die in alphabetical order." Looking at me as I struggled to look solemn she thoughtfully nodded and said “aye strange that isn't it."


Paradise Driver said...

I bet the children are born alphabetically also. :-)

Bob said...

wil: Yes you are right, strange innit.