Sunday, May 25

Bus Spotters

As I drove past the Cornwallis St taxi rank on Saturday morning I was surprised to see a throng of camera wielding Roy Cropper (Coronation St) look-alikes. I stopped and looked around for the object of their affections. I couldn't see any scantily clad young ladies anywhere, so just what were they photographing? After a good ten minutes of watching the eager anorak bedecked snappers it finally dawned on me just what they were drooling over. All zoom lenses were focused adoringly on one of our local single decker buses. It seems that the local bus depot was holding an open day with a free bus shuttle ride from Cornwallis St, and this had attracted a flock of lesser known bus spotters. Hey just kidding guys, but it did surprise me to learn that you can get bus spotters as well as the more well known train spotters.

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Keith said...

This bus spotting thing is odd. If you go on Flickr and search for Lady Wulfrun, she'd got hundreds of buses in her pictue collection.