Saturday, May 17

Telsa Electric Car

This is the Tesla Roadster. 100% electric, 0-60 in 4 seconds, 130mph top speed, no clutch and instant torque, equivalent to 135mpg, 200 plus miles per battery charge. But the bad news is that the price tag is about £45K - £50K and there is a long waiting list,so get your name down now. Congestion Charge free as well - for now. I don't think it would be too practical as a cab maybe but still I can dream.


Anonymous said...

The Tesla's price is the least of its many problems. The fact hat its driving radius is now estimated to be less than 95 miles
means the car is impractical for any but the smallest of Pacific
islands. It also has a battery pack that costs close to $30,000 and won't last more than 5 years, regardless of whether you drive the car or not. The Fisker Karma is the far superior vehicle - it can go anyhwere, looks a lot better doing it, is faster and is a 2+2. It will eat Tesla's lunch, which may be why Tesla is suing
Fisker, claiming they "stole" their ideas. What ideas? Tesla stole their ideas for their plug-in sedan directly from GM and the Chevy VOLT.

Bob said...

Ano: Interesting I shall have to do a bit more research on that one then.

Anonymous said...

The main idea behind an electric vehicle is to be able to commute to work, not to go cross-country (although that would be nice too :) ). A radius of near 100miles would be ideal for a commuter car.


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javieth said...

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