Sunday, May 18

No Chance.

Sunday one a clock and I pull up outside a well known local pub in Barrow's Abbey road. What are supposed to be my fares come staggering towards the cab holding each other up. One of the two twenty something guys was gagging and sputtering and looked about to be sick.
 They reached the car and opened the door then staggered backwards again. I took the opportunity to lean over and slam the door in their faces and drive off. When I radioed in to tell our operator that I wasn't picking them up I was told that they couldn't even manage to talk on the phone, someone else asked for the cab for them.
 Now then you might think that this is par for the course on a weekend night in Barrow, and that it's a taxi driver’s job to pick up drunks like these. But no it wasn't one o clock in the morning, it was one pm Sunday lunch time. We are well within our rights to refuse to pickup anyone that we feel is so intoxicated that they will cause trouble or soil the cab.
 But how did they get that way in the first place is the question, by law the pub should have refused to serve them when they saw the state they were getting in.
 I won't say which pub it was, but let’s just say that maybe some of the big pub chains should be told that the law also applies to them.

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