Tuesday, May 20

Jet Pack

How about one of these strapped onto your push bike. It's a 50lb thrust pulse jet engine. The 140 decibel clatter tube is capable of propelling a bicycle and rider up to 75 MPH. Rather you then me, but if you are the daredevil type it is available now on E-Bay current bids stand at $650.


bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, One of them each side of the taxi, a pair of ear muffs and hey presto no more traffic jams.

Paradise Driver said...

140db means a lot of traffic citations for noise violations and you would need ear protection to keep from saying "huh?" for the rest of your life.

I am also not sure if bicycle tires are designed for continuous 75mph treks..

Thanks but I think I'll pass. LOL :-)

Bob said...

Bob:Wil: I don't think that I will be ordering one any time soon.