Tuesday, April 1

Who's the April Fools?

Well April the 1st as well as being April fools day was the day for price rises. What with the cost of a TV licence, postage, prescriptions, council tax, water rates, and car tax amongst many others all rising, folk were left reeling. That's maybe why I found that nobody moaned or groaned when they found that taxi fares had gone up by a modest amount.
 Not that we drivers will feel any benefit from this rise, it's been long overdue, and has already been swallowed up by massive rises in fuel and other running costs. 
Maybe someday someone in government will wake up to the fact that taxi’s and private hire cabs are the greenest most efficient, available on demand form of public transport. Maybe then they will realise that they need to give the taxi trade a rebate on fuel duty, which we could then use to keep fares low, especially for our many elderly, disabled or disadvantaged users. This week in Barrow we have been paying the staggering price of £1.12p a litre, over 70% of which is taxation, so I think they can well afford it.


Dogbait said...

We pay about 60p a litre and we whinge!

Bob said...

db; wow 60p we pay more in tax then!

Paradise Driver said...


£1.12p = $8.34 a gallon here in the colonies.

Joe said...

Too much like common sense Bob, it'll never happen!