Monday, March 31

Box Camera

North Wales Police's newest crackdown on speeding drivers sees officers hiding in the back of a horsebox while parked up on a grass verge. The force is headed by Richard Brunstrom who was dubbed the "Mad Mullah" after a series of tough new measures to catch speeding drivers. Mr Brunstrom has previously raised the prospect of speed cameras being hidden in cats' eyes. But despite his force's crackdown on motorists, road deaths and serious injuries are up by a third. Last year he faced calls to quit after he showed pictures of a headless biker to journalists at a road safety seminar without telling the motorcyclist's family. His 'Arrive Alive' speed cameras caught 55,000 offenders in 2007 including 19 police vehicles not answering 999 calls. Yesterday the horsebox was parked alongside the road at Maenan, near Llanrwst - a straight stretch with a 60mph limit but renowned for speeding.


Paradise Driver said...

Do you know if they have an allowance factor?

A while back, Honolulu began using speed cameras with a zero tolerance level. 1 MPH over was a citation. They set up the unmarked vans up on the downhill run off the Pali into the city. 1,000s of tickets were issued every day. The public protest was hHUGE. The court system became so overloaded, since most people fought, and eventually a judge ruled that while the use of cameras was legal, that common sense has been forsaken by the gov't. She threw out all the citations and the program was halted. This also forestalled the installation of red-light cameras. The politicos got the message from the voters and it'll be a long time before they are ever tried again in Hawai'i.

Oh, the "word verification" for this comment was GBTVNW. I think that means "Great Britian Television, Northwest". ;)

Bob said...

Wil; They have a 10% allowance usually. Perhaps the voters over there have more clout then here,don't public officials and local judges and sheriffs have to be voted in? Not so over here I'm afraid.
"word verification" for this comment was GBTVNW, "Great Britian Television, Northwest" I like that one Wil and find it very apt for this camera polluted corner of the country.

Stephen said...

Disgusting practice by the Police, all they want is revenue. Guidelines are ignored - visibility and the 10% plus 2 mph abandoned. M4 at Port Talbot in south Wales sees a Police Officer standing on a footpath overlooking the motorway using a tripod speed camera to catch motorists doing 54 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Bill said... is a good source of info. I may do a spot on my late night show about this as I`m always on the lookout for controversial stuff for the phone in.