Monday, March 3

Tin Town

Most local folk were surprised by the sudden closure of Barrow’s ten pin bowing alley recently. But when you stand back and take a closer look round Hollywood Park, the retail and Entertainment Park it was located on, then maybe it’s not so surprising. The whole place has the feel of a badly built film set for a budget spaghetti western, or some hastily constructed temporary sheep shearing station deep in the Australian outback. Surely our town deserves better than this rusting collection of tin sheds. Even the lampposts are badly designed, being flat on top and ideal for the local seagulls to perch atop ready to swoop on unsuspecting al-fresco diners. Staff members who have to work in these poorly insulated tin sheds tell me that they are baked in summer and have to freeze in winter. Yes I’m afraid that our town’s bigwigs have got a lot to answer for by allowing this shanty town to be thrown up in the first place. The only thing which isn’t a joke about the place are the over inflated rents they have the cheek to charge for these places. The only businesses which can afford these shacks are the big multi nationals, local firms simply couldn’t afford it.

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Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

that place sounds great!