Tuesday, February 19


It was proven beyond doubt that we Barrovians are all a bunch of softies this afternoon. There laying smack in the middle of Greengate Street, which is one of Barrow’s busiest main roads was a beautiful big bouquet of yellow roses. How they got there is a mystery, maybe someone accidentally left them on the roof of their car whilst unlocking it. As I passed I swerved slightly to avoid driving over them, maybe the owner would realise and come back for them. But surely they wouldn’t last too long in this heavy traffic, what a shame I thought. But at least two hours later, having forgotten all about them I drove up towards Greengate Hill again. Stopped at the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill I was perplexed to see all the cars coming down the hill do a little swerve at the top of the hill. Surely not, after what must have been hundreds of Buses, trucks and cars passing by, I thought the flowers will be well and truly crushed into the tarmac by now. But no, when I reached the top of the hill there they lay totally unscathed.

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