Thursday, February 21

Ferry Hotel Roadblock

The residents of Walney island, known locally as Walneyites are up in arms. Local watering hole and well known landmark the Ferry Hotel has undergone a recent major facelift,and very nice it looks too. But during the refit bollards have been installed to reduce the car park entrances from two down to one. So instead of driving in one way and out the other drivers now have to manoeuvre to turn round on the car park and it's sometimes very busy beer garden. Locals say that they have actually blocked what they consider to be part of a road which has been in use for many decades. Members of the boat club which is at the rear of the ferry tell me that this will make getting their larger boats in and out of the club a lot more difficult. Who knows who is in the right, but I do know that it makes life a bit harder when dropping and picking up at the now very popular pub and restaurant.

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