Monday, February 18

Paper Trail

What a total mess I found around the area of Barrow's Hollywood park over the weekend. All the roads and verges leading from the retail and entertainment park for about a half mile radius or so were heavily littered with brightly coloured cartons and paper and plastic wrappers. All of them can be easily traced back to the nearby takeaway and drive- thru fast food outlets. I would guess that it's not just a local thing but happens countrywide anywhere near this type of retail and Entertainment Park. We all know that folk should clean up after themselves and not drop litter but it's a fact of life that once out of view from the CCTV cameras a lot of the rubbish is thrown straight out of the car window. The actual car park is kept clean by hard-working staff who must sometimes feel that they are trying to sweep back the incoming tide. But the surrounding area is in a total mess and brings disgrace to the whole town. Surely these multinational, global trading fast food businesses should be made to pay to have the whole area cleaned up; after all it is their rubbish.

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