Sunday, February 17

Look Alike

Early on Sunday morning and three separate fares that I picked up asked me the same question. "Was it you that picked me up last night?" Nothing that I told them about not working the previous night could convince them that it wasn't me that picked them up. Two of them actually tried to carry on the conversation that they thought that they had with me the night before. Have I got a double who works the nights driving a similar taxi maybe? Well no, I know for a fact that none of the night drivers are anywhere near as good looking as me, that's why they only work in the dark eh! But I have come across this before, and have come to the conclusion that if we had a look-alike competition for taxi drivers with drunks for judges, we would all win first prize. Yes the truth of the matter is that whatever the shape, size colouring, whether they be bald or hairy all taxi drivers look alike to drunks. The thing is though it only seems to work the next morning when they are still under the influence of the drink. Which when you think about it can sometimes be a good thing, some folk we pick-up will be in a sorry drunken state and tell us all sorts of embarrassing secrets. But when we pick them up a day or two later even though we recognise them, they just don't have a clue who it was that took their guilty confession.


Peggy said...

People always remember me because I have the ability to look like their cousin. If you have a cousin, I probably look like her.

Bob said...

peggy: reminds me of the old chestnut
"was it you or your twin that was lost at sea"