Monday, February 11

Hire Brigade

Driving onto the Walney Road shopping estate which serves Barrows Asda supermarket amongst others, I was not too surprised to see a fire engine parked there. What after two major fires in the last year or so, the first of which destroyed both MFI and Allied Carpets, and the second badly damaging the large Matalan store, the place seems to be jinxed. Getting closer I was shocked to see that according to the sign writing on the fire engine the fire brigade now offered itself for hire at children's parties, stag and hen nights, weddings and special occasions. Well I know that finances are a bit low but isn't that going a bit far? But getting closer still I saw that the sign actually said "Hire Brigade" and not fire brigade as I had first thought; clever eh! It seems that this “Hire Engine” is the latest in the novelty hire trade which has sprung up round here. So if you have the cash and you don’t think that a bright pink stretch limo isn’t eye catching enough for you, this could be the answer, either that or there is an armoured troop carrier that is also available for hire locally. But like the real fire brigade the hire brigade will have to be brave men. A herd of screaming kids going to a party are bad enough but hen parties whoa no thanks. I can see the novelty of drunken women shouting “show us your hose” for the thousandth time and chubby bridesmaids asking for a fireman’s lift, wearing thin very quickly eh!


Paradise Driver said...

Its a tough job but SOMEBODY has to do it.


Bob said...

Wil: No thanks wil don't think my heart could take it.

John said...

Our regulator would no way allow fire brigade PSV's.
Such a spoilsport.

Bob said...

john: If they did would you be the first to get one then? Check the website out

Chris said...

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Tom said...


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