Monday, February 11


The guys who wheel clamp untaxed vehicles on behalf of the DVLA were out in force round Barrow this week, the town was littered with cars immobilized by the big yellow steel triangles. Mind you the guys were grinning like Cheshire cats as they attached the clamp onto the expensive wheel of a shiny Porsche Boxter. Maybe it’s envy but somehow something about a fancy expensive motor being held hostage for non payment of road tax makes most folk smirk and snigger. That’s what I found as I watched other motorists drive past in their lesser cars staring, pointing and grinning at the posh cars predicament.


Rosalind said...

My favourite siting has to be the blue Rolls-Royce Corniche seen clamped on a double yellow line in Notting Hill, about twenty years ago. Registration number HAN 50 N. Yes, James Hanson, ruthlessss corporate raider!

Bob said...

Rosalind: sweet, but people like that can afford the fines. But still it would have wound him up nicely eh!