Friday, December 7

Shot in the Foot

The three lasses I picked up mid afternoon from Barrow's newly refurbished Owl and Pussycat pub seemed to have had one or two drinks. They were only going a short distance, but it was pouring it down, so who can blame them for taking a cab. Halfway to the address they asked for and one of them declares"hey why are you taking us the long way." I said "oh yes" but her mates started to giggle and she took this as encouragement and started to get more vocal. "I've never been taken this way in a taxi before, are you trying to rip us off" By this point I was starting to lose my cool, but bit my lip as I know from previous experience the futility of arguing with drunks or fools. We reached the street they had asked for and she squealed loudly from the back "we only paid £2.30p on the way you robber" Seconds later we reached the address and I pointed to the meter and politely said "£2.20p please." Her friends burst into laughter but this time they were laughing at her and not with her, and she didn't like it one bit, she flounced out of the cab red faced and thankfully silent.

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