Thursday, December 6

Nothing to See Here

Nothing to see here is a collaborative guide to some of the world's lesser-signposted places to go - attractions that may not be all that attractive; coastal towns they forgot to close down; high streets that haven't been homogenised; oddities and one-offs. The sort of places that are overlooked by guide books and given the bodyswerve by the tourist board. Places that still have a certain charm, a bit of je-ne-sais-quoi about them. They're a little bit special. No Been There, Done That, Bought The T-Shirt kind of places here. They won't cost much (if anything) to get in and you'll come away feeling a little bit richer. Plus there's plenty of peace to enjoy them.
It's nice to see that this little corner of the world is well represented with Ulverston highly praised along with the Keswick Pencil Museum. Our neighbours across the bay in the quirky seaside resort of Morecambe even get a mention and it's adjoining town of Lancaster is featured for it's wonderfully bizarre Knitted Village.
Have a browse you'll find something of interest.

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