Wednesday, December 12

Horse Power?

I can't help having the feeling that NATURMOBIL is trying to take the mickey with it's website advertising "Fleethorse" it's new range of horse driven vehicles.
Amongst the vehicles they say they are developing they have the taxi pictured above. What do you think would you use it? They say in broken English" Taking a normal horse riding for instance, the horse, due to the high jumping over the set barriers, sometimes falls off or flips over. This sometimes would result in injury. For thousand of years, horses have been of great help to humans. These animals were used for carriage, sleighs, sledges etc. Like slaves to their masters, these animals perform their toil regardless of their discomfort in weather conditions, weight they carry and pressure their masters give them." Mmm! I'm still not convinced but they also tell us "Today as well as we fulfill our needs, could be a new day for these adorable animals to be treated with more care and respect which they long deserved."
But the best laugh has got to be the technical details which sound like they were dreamed up by a ten year old, especially the waste disposal bit, have a read, what do you think eh? 1) In NATURMOBIL, no whipping is necessary to scare the horse to make it move and run. Instead, two 12-volt motors are used which are connected to the conveyor belt based underneath the animal feet. In order to make the horse move, the driver simply taps on the gas pedal and as a result the conveyor belt starts running together with the horse. 2) The smooth & continuous movement of the horse provides the reserved energy that is stored in the attached battery which is sufficient enough to run the vehicle for a fairly long distance. Without resorting to running, the horse can take a full rest while the vehicle is still moving smoothly. 3) No pressure will be built up upon the horse because the NATURMOBIL has the full suspension system that provides the horse with a very smooth walk or run on the surface. 4) The conveyor belt was designed with a lifting up ability to create a down slope condition to restrict the build up of friction that may harm the horse. 5) NATURMOBIL uses a 20-speed gearbox designed to decrease the over-all pressure on the horse. Because of the gearbox, the horse do not need to use its full power to achieve a faster speed. By running at a maximum 20k/h, NATURMOBIL can run at a fair level speed. 6) A gloss partition which serves as the animal cabin fitted with an air condition system was designed to keep the animal safe from adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, severe heat or cold, etc. 7) An easily reached and sufficient space was made right in front of the horse for feeding purposes at any convenient time. 8) The horse’s disposal is automatically passed into the container fixed below the conveyor belt far from the cabin to provide a full hygiene and clean condition to the horse while it’s running. 9) The driver of the NATURMOBIL is alerted by the digital displaying unit in case the horse is not in its good running condition. Two sets of temperature sensors gauge the heart pressure of the horse and it’s over all health condition which is attached to the body of the animal and inside the cabin. 10) NATURMOBIL can carry out unusual motion speed like up or going down the hill by using a clutch system. The animal can be totally at rest and free of any pressure by using the reserved energy stored in the battery. 11) An electrical motor that serves as the ignition for the initial take-off or movement of the horse provides the horse with an easy and smooth run that reduces any pressure. 12) A bower fixed on the top of the vehicle was designed to protect the horse from the strong heat or cold condition. However, it can also be opened if the horse needs to breathe some fresh air.


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